ryan pirog, photography
ryan pirog, photography


Troy was one of the guys who produced the BG13 calendar… We ended up becoming good friends after the fact, working for the BGNews together and since he skated we’d find spots on campus to shoot too… We’d spend hours with me wedged up in some corner above a doorway or in a tree trying to get a good angle of him hurling himself down some steps repeatedly… He was my first exposure to “Alternative” sports, since working for the paper my week was filled with Basketball games and Volleyball matches, it was nice to shoot him skating… There’s a certain artistic flair you can put on a picture like that I guess due to its nature, that you can’t get out of a “Standard” sport… I remember the first time we shot, we moved some construction fencing around some stairs under repair so he could hit them… About a dozen failed takeoff and landings later we finally got a good shot, which gave us both a sense of satisfaction, him probably a little more than me though since he was the one bleeding from it all… My favorite shot of him though was one I was doing for a friends T-Shirt company ad… I wanted Becca modeling the shirt with him suspended in air next to her…Troy showed up with a debilitating migraine, but agreed to at least try a few… I only needed him to look cool in mid air not actually land the trick, which is hard to ask a skater especially one with a migraine to throw themselves as high as they can off a wall with full intention of just falling to the ground… But he did