ryan pirog, photography
ryan pirog, photography


Ok….. Why do I have a giant dead tree on my back?.... Well for one, I think it looks cool. And like every photographer I started out taking a lot of panorama and landscape shots. Well there are only so many interesting ways to shoot a field or sunset, and I started to incorporate trees into my pictures. There was this hidden allure I found in them, like these living snowflakes, each different in their own way. I started to really appreciate them for what they were, and what they did. And if you think about it, they do a lot. Clean our Air, Make All our Food, provide Shade in the deadly sun, Wood to build things & burn, and a Habitat for 99% of nature that doesn’t live in our homes.

And all they ask for is what. Dirt, Water, Sun and our Dirty Air.

(Do everything you can, when you can, and ask for nothing in return)

I found a sort of altruistic self-sacrificial beauty in that and felt it would be a good thing to remember, daily. And people ask why I didn’t get cherry blossoms or leaves or something. Like I said I have a bit of a Macabre sense of creativity, and told the guy I wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas tree….. But really I just think it looks cool! & No, I won’t regret it when I’m 60…