ryan pirog, photography
ryan pirog, photography


Brandywine Big Air

Sun Valley Slopestyle

Nick Goepper Tour Stop #2- Rail Jam

Gatorade Free Flow Tour

Shooting the Gatorade Free Flow Tour happened by complete chance… We had a layover in NYC on the way back from the Dominican Republic, and there was a passenger (Cory) on our flight walking around with his ski bag and boots… I was looking at his gear and judging based on that, he was a park rat and apparently he knew what he was doing… $1,000 boots tipped me off… We talked a bit before we boarded the flight and he started telling us he just got back from Colorado where he was living in a van for the past three months, trying to go pro… Long story short I walked up to him at the baggage area when we got to Pittsburgh and asked if he had any upcoming comps that I could shoot, he did, the next weekend in NY, I’d be there… On the drive home I started looking into renting a pro level telephoto zoom, I figured if I’d be driving all the way out there to shoot this, my crap & broken kit zoom wouldn’t cut it… I went during the week and rented Nikon’s flagship 2010 Lens of the year, the 70-200mm 2.8 VRII (which I now own!)… The event was on Saturday and was suppose to start at 7am, meaning I’d have to leave Home at about 4 am to make it on time… Well I had the bright idea of going to the bar that Friday with friends, and closing it out, I got home at a little after 3… Went inside, grabbed my gear, took a shower and a 30min nap, stopped for gas and lots of Red Bull & Coffee (separate, that’d be a terrible mix) and hit the road… I got there on time but like anything else it didn’t start on time; in fact I could have left at 7am and still had time… After signing my waiver and taking a goody bag with hand warmers, I made my way to the slope style course which was starting off with the snowboarders, and tried to get an idea of where to stand and what shots I wanted, and got my camera dialed in… As the skies went it started snowing, which I was thankful for since it gave a little texture to an otherwise gray and dirty day… Cory’s first run didn’t’ score so great, and on round two he did an invert (Flip) which wasn’t allowed, disqualifying him… The judges then went on lunch before the finals, so I walked down to meet with him because we were planning on shooting some rails before the day’s end, but he had other ideas… He wanted to strip naked and blow through one of the finals runs and stir shit up… I wasn’t’ thrilled with the idea thinking I’d be implicated in his stupidity, so I talked him down to just taking off his pants and wearing boxers… The snowboard finals were first, and I got into positions keeping an eye up the hill to look for him… As one of the snowboarders hits the first rail out the gate, here comes Cory half naked burning by, making for an epic picture… Due to where I was standing I got him flying by, but missed him on the jumps at the bottom of the course, where he apparently threw a huge cork triple back, ending in tragedy judging by the crowd’s reaction, and some coughed up blood… I met up with him in the parking lot after he broke away from the ski patrol and showed him what I got... Well worth it …