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90% of my extended family lives in Chicago, which is the destination for most annual holidays… One blustery cold Christmas season night we went down to Millennium Park, which is downtown right on the waterfront, it’s the place with the big silver bean if you’ve ever seen it… I took some shots of the bean and my cousins begin silly and some long exposures of the buildings and streets, but it was still just a snapshot kind of outing… Until walking back to the car (you can see my family in the background) I was approached by this random guy who started free styling after telling me his name “Pharo”… When he started talking I thought I was going to hear some crap rap from some street peddler, but he did a few lines from his song “Just A Nigger To Me” and I was surprised, it was way better than the garbage I’d been hearing at the college bars… He said for only $5 he’d sell me his debut album, and even pulled it out of the case to show me the burn marks to prove that it wasn’t a blank disc… Something told me it was worth risking the $5… I told him I’d buy it but I wanted a shot of him with his record so when either one of us became big the other one would follow, he gladly obliged… I love those moments; you can’t fake interactions like that… And when I least expected it and almost had my camera put away, up walks an amazing once in a lifetime shot… Since then, I don’t put my lens cap on or gear back in my bag till I’m in the car on the way home, because you never know…