ryan pirog, photography
ryan pirog, photography


One of my good friends Andrew “Spons” is on a competitive paintball team... He knows I’m always up for new ideas and shots so he invited me to a few tournaments they were in… The first time stepping onto the field with nothing but a camera and a mask I felt very vulnerable since balls are whizzing by all over the place… But as soon as the shooting and running starts you kind of get lost in it, and forget about what a paintball feels like… Till one hits you… I remember looking over the shoulder of a player peering across the field at a guy hiding behind a bunker… The next thing I know as I take my eye from the view finder to see where he went was little yellow dots moving towards me… You know that split second where your brain knows the outcome of a situation before you body does? This was that moment… I watched the first ball hit directly on the front of my lens, then saw/felt the subsequent shots start at my stomach and work their way up to my neck… I’ve been shot with a paintball before, but never 5 times in a straight line up my body from 20 yards ending at my neck; needless to say I sat out the next rounds trying to get vegetable oil and yellow food coloring off my glass…