ryan pirog, photography
ryan pirog, photography



My Dog....

Humane Society

It's Just Lunch

County Fair

Mother loves demolition derbies… So growing up I went to a lot of county fairs... I’m allergic to horses but we'd always make a pass through their stalls. Where I saw this little girl posing for her mom, so I stepped behind the mom about 15ft... You can't tell in pictures, really how big it was next to her… And pigs are my favorite animal…


Charlotte’s Web & A Bug

Normally I hate spiders, but seeing her build her web between the grill & the flower pot was a cold morning well spent… There was something amazing about her and how she could make this perfectly symmetrical web out of nanometer thin silk secreted out her butt and do it in like 45mins… You gotta respect nature…

Cruise In Solon: TUESDAYS 6 to 9pm

I saw this kid sitting with his dad at the Solon cruise in one night, which is 400+ classic cars and their owners swapping stories… I zoomed out, put my camera at my side when I was walking buy and took a couple frames, there was just something about him just blankly staring out and those glasses…

Atlantic City